For Educators

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Educators, please enjoy this Common Core aligned reading guide for The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls.

Meet Claire (for groups of any size, grades 4 – 12) – A general presentation in which I talk about how I started writing, share my stack of rejection letters (as well as the first books I wrote in elementary school), and touch upon the importance of daydreaming and music in my writing process.

Finding Inspiration (best for smaller groups, grades 4 – 12) – An interactive presentation in which I talk about the use of daydreaming, music, and images in my writing process, and how important it is to set aside time to let our minds wander ungoverned. Students will listen to music clips, sort through digital images, and write stories based upon them.

Getting To Know You (best for smaller groups, grades 4 – 12) – An interactive presentation about building characters, ideal for writing groups/students interested in writing. Using fun exercises and activities, I take students through the process of building memorable, dynamic characters. We analyze characters with whom they’re already familiar (for example, Harry Potter) and then create our own.

A Whole New World (best for smaller groups, grades 4 – 12) – An interactive presentation about world building, ideal for writing groups/students interested in writing. Using fun exercises and activities, I take students through the process of building fictional worlds—whether those worlds are realistic or fantastical. We analyze a world with which they’re already familiar (like the world of Harry Potter) and then create our own.

Revise, Rewrite, Rinse, Repeat (best for smaller groups, grades 6 – 12) – An interactive, technical presentation about revising, ideal for writing groups/English classes. I show students my editorial letters for each of my books and take them through the process of revising a piece of writing. I talk to them about story structure and also share general revision tips such as tightening language, eliminating crutch words/phrases, and the importance of peer review.

Finding Your Voice (best for smaller groups, grades 6 – 12) – An interactive presentation about voice, language, and writing style, ideal for writing groups/students interested in writing. I will talk about the importance of word choice when writing, how it determines a story’s tone and atmosphere, and how it can tell us important things about the story, the characters, the author, and historical context. As a group, we will analyze excerpts from Claire’s books. Then, working from a prompt and a word bank of suggestions, students will pick unusual narrative voices with which to write their own stories.

Dare to Dream (best for high school and college groups of any size) – This motivational presentation focuses on life beyond high school and the college experience. I talk about changing my major and my career path halfway through college, how hard that was, and how it was ultimately so rewarding. I talk to the students about following their dreams and not being afraid to explore different possibilities.

If you would like me to speak to your students about a particular topic that you do not see listed here, please don’t hesitate to reach out! I am always open to developing a presentation curated to your group’s specific needs. Please fill out this form, and include in your message your name, the name of your school/library, the number of students I will be speaking to, the students’ ages, the presentation topic, and what dates you have in mind for a visit.


Saturday November 4
Wordstock: Portland’s Book Festival
Portland, OR

Friday November 18
“A Hero For Every Girl: Four Authors Discuss Powerful Girls”
a panel with authors Heidi Schulz and Kat Yeh
moderated by author Mackenzi Lee
FoxTale Bookshoppe
Atlanta, GA

Saturday November 19
“Life-Notebook-Fiction: How Authors Use Real-Life Experiences to Spark Fiction (and How Your Students Can, Too!)”
a panel with authors Elana K. Arnold, Tim Federle, Anne Nesbet,
Heidi Schulz, and Rita Williams-Garcia
moderated by Kellee Moye
NCTE Annual Convention
Atlanta, GA

Sunday November 20
“Where Magic Meets Destiny”
a panel with authors Kelly Barnhill and Robert Beatty
Miami Book Fair
Miami, FL

“I felt myself instantly relax the moment Ms. Legrand began her presentation—such were her charms and capabilities as a performer. Most notably, our students remained mesmerized for a full 45 minutes. The plots of her books, not to mention the story of her journey from musician to writer, captivated the kids and adults in the room.” – Natasha Goldberg, Middle School Librarian, The Chapin School (New York City, NY)

“Claire presented her workshops to my 7th grade students. My students are struggling readers and writers who lack the confidence to write well. Claire discussed her struggles, showed them her rejection letters, and told them about the obstacles she had to overcome in order to become a successful writer. She was able to connect with my students because she spoke with them at their level and had engaging activities for them to help them develop their ideas and be creative in their writing. She showed them many techniques, which I now incorporate into my writing lessons. Thank you Claire for making my students excited about writing and for making me a better writing teacher!” – Lisa McGhee, Reading Teacher, John Witherspoon Middle School (Princeton, NJ)

“The copies of The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls literally flew off the library shelves after the members of our middle school Literacy Ambassadors group Skyped with Claire. Her enthusiasm for reading, brilliant sense of humor, and genuine affection for the art of writing has our students counting the days until the release of her next book!” – Dana Thomas, Library Media Specialist, Cypress Lakes Middle School (Ft. Meyers, FL)

Skype Visits

I also offer free 30-minute Skype Q&A visits for your classroom or book club. These Skype visits are ideal for smaller groups who have read at least one of my books and have prepared questions ahead of time with their instructor.

Please fill out this form to discuss scheduling.

For Adults

I am also available to work with adult writers. Any of the workshops listed above can be modified for adults. I can also speak on using social media to connect with other writers and learn about the industry, how to write query letters when seeking an agent, and the differences between writing middle grade versus young adult fiction.

Other Events

I am also happy to present, moderate, or sit on panels at conferences and festivals. Please contact me to discuss any of the above. If you have an idea for a workshop that I have not addressed here, don’t hesitate to let me know! I am open to developing presentations that accommodate your group’s specific needs.